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“Sari-Saring Handog” Sarifish Deskpad - Medium

“Sari-Saring Handog” Sarifish Deskpad - Medium

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“Sari-Saring Handog” is a line of collectible items from the art of Abdulmari Asia Imao. This series of collectible will help fund future projects of the Imao family to preserve and continue Dr. Imao’s legacy, and to help make other’s dreams come true. 

Size: 70x40 cm

About the Artist:

Abdulmari Asia Imao is the Philippines’ first Moro National Artist. The son of Tausūg stone crushers, Imao left his island of Sulu with a small dream to study the arts in Manila. Through hard work and perseverance Imao received art scholarships from the University of the Philippines, and beyond his wildest dreams, to prestigious fine arts universities abroad. Although schooled on western art, he came home to promote the art and culture of Mindanao. It was a long journey but he achieved his dream and made a name for himself painting and sculpting his beloved sarimanoks, sari-fish, sari-ukkir and sari-mosques.

Abdulmari Imao x Fundacion Sansó is part of the program under “I CaRE: Initiative for the Continuation of Artist’s Estate” wherein the museum will help the Artist's Estate to develop through merchandising, skill transfer, and copyright resources.

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