About Fundacion Sansó Museum Shop

Fundacion Sansó has a museum shop that not only produces merchandise; it also serves a platform to educate the public on Sansó, as well as highlight and empower various partners and collaborators.  

Set up in 2019, the Fundacion Sansó Museum Shop was established by Executive Director Ricky Francisco, each product is carefully designed not only to showcase artworks by Juvenal Sansó, but also to highlight underrepresented series in Juvenal Sansó’s oeuvre. Ensuring that the products are affordable despite their high quality, the museum shop enables visitors to bring images of the works of Sanso home or gift them to others whom they know, ensuring Sanso’s visibility and appreciation by a greater number of people. 

The shop also serves as a platform for Fundacion Sansó’s collaborators; specifically chosen for their contributions to the community, such as those from the Art+Design=Empowerment Exhibition Series, or their potential to grow in the way Fundacion Sanso has–making services available to the public by funding them through merchandising, prudent stewardship of image and copyright resources, as well as through collaborations with institutions sharing similar goals and values. These are the partners from its I CArE Program or the Initiative for the Continuation of Artist’s Estate projects, wherein proceeds from the sales enable them to fund legacy protection and legacy building projects such as coffee table books or even their own museums to complete the circle of creation to empowerment.