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“Majesty of Earth” by Juvenal Sansó - Edition of 8

“Majesty of Earth” by Juvenal Sansó - Edition of 8

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A framed Limited Edition Giclée by Juvenal Sansó. A special release for raising funds to build our permanent museum.

"Majesty of Earth"

Edition of 8

Image Size: 101.6 x 83.8 cm

Frame Size: 127.5 x 110 cm

Each copy has its own Certificate of Authenticity from the museum. 

About Moderno

“While preparing to move his studio from Paris, his main studio for over forty years, to his Madrid and Manila studios around 2003-2004, [Juvenal Sansó] rediscovered many of his landscape photographs, painted slides, and other works he kept in the studio. These were often inspired by his many travels from the 1960s and 1970s.” These landscape photographs became the inspirations for Sansó’s majestic Moderno works.

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